Cambodia Tourism Information


Morning Tour 08:00AM:

Meet our local professional guide at hotel, Meet our local professional guide at hotel, drive to the north of Siem Reap town (52Km) to former Pre-Angkorean capital of Kulen Mountain, upon arrival, the first visiting is the River of Thousand Lingas lying under the river bed, people believe it brings fertility and blessing Angkor area as the river flows from Kulen to Siem Reap. Walk 1 km to visit the Grand Reclining Buddha. Kulen mountain remains the sacred place local people believes.

From the Grand Reclining Buddha, walk another 500 meters to the waterfall, where we enjoy swimming the 30 meters high waterfall and also enjoy your picnic lunch near waterfall by own account.

Afternoon Tour: afternoon go down the mountain to visit Banteay Srei temple – jewel indisputable of the Khmer art: entirely have been constructed by hard pink sandstone, wonderfully sculpted, perfectly preserved and restored, Landmine Museum, on the return trip we’ll stop to see some of the local people are making palm sugar & palm juice, scroll around pub street & night markets to see the colorful of bars, restaurants and night markets and you also rock and roll over there, dinner time (own account), back to hotel.



Morning tour 08:00AM:

Meet our local professional guide at hotel, start touring the south gate of Angkor Thom, the royal capital of the Khmer empire of the late 12th century, Bayon temple, built by the great king Jayavaraman VII, with 54 towers each with 4 huge faces to reflect the Buddhist and Hindu influence of the time. See the intricate bas-relief carvings depicting life and battles. Just shortly walking, Baphoun temple, Phimeanakas temple, Terrace of Elephant and Terrace of Leper King, lunch time (own account).

Afternoon Tour: After lunch you will visit world heritage of Angkor Wat, learn about the Khmer life of this period. Stroll through the vast hallway lined with thousands of intricate stone craving that depict the life and battles of the Khmer empire and also discover many small shines still used every day by the local people and continue to visit Ta Phrom temple, this temple is considered to be one of the jewels, with it overgrown jungle trees giving it a haunting and relaxing atmosphere and also well-known because this temple featured in the Hollywood movie ’Tomb Raider”, back to hotel. Overnight in Siem Reap.



Morning Tour:

Meet our local professional guide at hotel, start touring Rolous Group of temples: Preah Kor, Bakong, Lolei. These temples are built the early of Angkor period (802-1431). Preah Ko temple was built by King Indravarman I in 879. Bakong was built in 881 and Lolei was built by Yasovarman I in 893, local market of Phsa Chas, scroll around it to see many souvenirs such as stone carving, wood carving, clothes…..display selling by local venders, lunch time (own account).

Afternoon Tour: You will be visited Preah Khan temple which built in the 12th century for King Jayavarman VII to honor his father in AD 1191 by King Jaya-varman VII, continue to Neak Pean Temple, which was one of the 102 ancient hospitals of King Jayavarman VII who built this hospital temple for taking care people’s health and the last stop visit Pre Rup temple and see the stunning views at there, back to hotel. Overnight at Siem Reap.



Morning tour 08:00AM:

Meet our local professional guide at hotel, drive to the north of Siem Reap town (130Km) to former Angkorean capital of Koh Ker that situated a 2.5 hour drive, north-east of Angkor Wat, Koh Ker was built between the 8th and 10th centuries. Koh Ker functioned briefly as the capital of the Khmer Empire between 928 and 944 A.D. when King Jayavarman IV moved the capital there from Angkor, lunch time near at local restaurant near temple.

Afternoon Tour: After lunch, travel back to Siem Reap and stop half way to visit Beng Mealea temple, a sprawling jungle temple constructed in a distinctly Angkor Wat style by King Suyavarman II in the early 12th century. It preceded and may have served as a prototype for Angkor Wat. Contrary to Angkor, few carvings or bas-reliefs are evident. Today the temple is largely overrun by vegetation and the stone walls are crumbling which adds to its charm in a unique way. Accessibility has improved as elevated walkways have been set up throughout most of the temple. Then back to discovery about O Thmor Dab ‘Quarry’, the quarry of all temples in Cambodia. You will see the traces of Khmer ancestors cut the sand stone to build all temples in the areas before back to Siem Reap town. Overnight in Siem Reap.



Morning tour 08:00AM:

Meet our local professional guide at hotel, Visit the Killing field of Wat thmey pagoda where had settled the bone of victim, was killed in Pol Pot regime in 19775-1979, Angkor National museum, in which be available the Museum houses 8 galleries, all of which combine to give an impressive array of artefacts which date back to the earliest civilizations of Angkor, remnants from the great temples themselves, statues as well as artefacts which depict scenes in history concerning war, religion, and all manner of social customs throughout the evolution of the unique Khmer civilization can be found, back to hotel. Overnight at Siem Reap.

Afternoon Tour: Visit Artisan d’ Angkor (art school) which is famous for its traditional craft products such as stone carving, wood carving, lacquering, gilding, and silk processing, the last tour is you will be out for a visit by private boat, you will discover the great lake Tonle Sap: real Interior Ocean where there are a lot of fish which exported by the multiple villages of fishermen which is commonly call Chong Khneas floating village and you have got the occasion to approach. You will visit as well a fish & Crocodile Farms and wait for sunset over the Tonle Sap Lake, back to hotel. Overnight at Siem Reap.


Please kindly wear in properly dressing for ruin temple visiting, if you wear short and T-shorts should be make sure they are long enough to be knee and shoulder covered. There are no scarf or shawl or umbrella and tank top are allowed.

In case, we are on the tour, please take camera recharger or power bank be with you when we have lunch or dinner, you can recharge it at restaurant. Moreover, you can take sun cream, sun glasses, mosquito repellent be with you during a tour.

In Cambodia, there are two currencies (Cambodia Riel & US dollar, 1US = 4000Riels) to be used in buying something, you are no need to exchange your money  US dollar to Cambodia Riel, US dollar is acceptable everywhere but no torn old, dirty cash or coin can’t use in Cambodia and you withdraw your money in USD cash from ATM.